The following warranty applies to all products purchased directly from x7sevenusa.com. If you purchased your product from one of our authorized distributors, please contact them directly for any warranty-related claims.

X7SEVENusa carries a limited warranty for the original buyer. In most cases, we would not require the item returned to us as the warranty claim can be handled by photos/videos, the warranty starts from the date of your purchase.

We are constantly improving our quality and service, offering a 2-year warranty we give you peace of mind when you are looking to illuminate your roads with our LED products, we’re located in Anaheim, California, if you are in the area you can visit us in person to cover your warranty, we also cover the whole USA, if you have questions regarding your warranty you can reach us by texting us on WhatsApp at 949-723-9235 email us at warranty@x7sevenusa.com or call us at 949-723-9235

All warranties cover the product itself. Due to the range of variables, installation cost, labor cost, diagnostics tracking service, or any other expense unrelated to the products are non-refundable.

Submit by email (warranty@x7sevenusa.com) a copy of your receipt, photos, and a small video where we can see the part that is not working properly.

After us receiving the information, we will contact you to continue the steps to cover your warranty.

All warranties are non-transferable and are only applicable to the original purchaser.

In both cases, we honor our 2-year warranty on the products purchased directly from x7sevenusa.com or from our USA Amazon store, we cannot handle warranty claims for items purchased elsewhere, if it was purchased through a dealer/distributor, that dealer/distributor must handle your claim directly.

After our team reviews your claim and authorizes a replacement, you are responsible for shipping costs.

All shipping costs are Non-Refundable.

To our domestic clients in the main territory of the USA, we offer 20 days to apply for a return and a full refund. After 20 days if the item hasn’t been used yet then you can get store credit.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the warranty claim to be processed. If the warranty claim is approved, X7SEVENusa will replace the defective product with the same product. Discontinued items will be replaced with a product comparable in value and performance.

The warranty left over is calculated from the original date the item was purchased. Warranties are only from the original purchase date and will not be renewed or reset with the replacement product.