2014 – 2017 (Ram 1500 – Durango – Colorado)

Symptom: the lights work great with the engine off, as soon as the engine starts the lights flash a couple of times then they turn off.

Solution #1: Add an extra set of CanBus to the light bulbs, 98% of the time this does the trick. You can order extra decoders here: XDEC

Solution#2: This solution is a more permanent solution, it allows your vehicle to accept any LED light bulb.

  • Get an OBDII dongle, we use the OBDLink EX (to be used with a PC laptop), this model is USB because it works with the PC version of AlfaOBD.
  • Get the AlfaOBD software, it’s available in Android and PC versions, if you choose the Android version then you can also use it with the BlueTooth OBDLink MX (The OBDLink MX Bluetooth only works with the AlfaOBD Android version). As a note: the OBDLink EX or MX is very good for more cars, I use it also on Fords with the (ForScan software), and BMW with the (BimmerCode software), both apps are similar to the AlfaOBD but for other brands.
  • As far as software and hardware go, that is all you need, and of course a laptop or an Android device to be able to connect.